If you have been told by an ophthalmologist that you have myopia, you may want to know more about it and get your questions answered. Myopia means nearsightedness. It's an extremely common vision problem that can occur in people of any age. If you have a hard time seeing something far away but can see well up close, such as when reading, you likely have myopia. If you have myopia, you need to get an eye exam to get your diagnosis and your vision prescription.

Some people choose to get eye surgery after this to give themselves better vision. You can also wear eyeglasses or contact lenses to correct your vision. Above all, you need to make sure to get your eye exam as needed. Sina J. Sabet, MD, PC has provided residents of Alexandria, VA, with reliable eye care services for many years.


Causes of Myopia

If the eye isn't round, it causes the eye to incorrectly focus light inside the eye. When light enters the eye and isn't focused in the right area, blurry vision is the result. Light that comes in should be focused directly on the retina at the back of the eye. But when someone has nearsightedness, the light will focus instead in front of this tissue. This is a refractive error, and for many patients, it can be corrected with eye surgery such as LASIK. Many people choose this route because they don't want to wear glasses or contacts. 

Symptoms of Myopia

If you have nearsightedness, there may be a lot of symptoms. You may get frequent headaches with this condition, or you may feel eye strain or eye fatigue. Myopia forces you to work your eyes harder to see better. You may squint a lot, trying to make sense of items far away. If your child squints a lot and rubs their eyes, you need to get them or a pediatric eye care exam to check for myopia. Generally, myopia rapidly gets worse in kids, but by adulthood, most people have stable prescriptions and the condition doesn't get worse. If you or your child may have myopia, getting a fresh prescription every year is a must. 

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If you are in Alexandria, VA, and need an eye exam for myopia, give us a call today to make your appointment. 

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