Dry Eye FAQs

If you have dry eye, it can impact every aspect of your life. While it might seem minor, actually dealing with red, irritated eyes every day is a very frustrating experience. Sina S. Sabet, MD PC, your ophthalmologist in Alexandria, VA, wants to help you avoid dry eye. Following are the answers to several questions we frequently receive regarding dry eye syndrome.

Dry Eye FAQs

What Is Dry Eye? 

Dry eye is a condition where your eyes become irritated due to a problem with tear production or lubrication. It is a very common issue that can range from slight irritation and redness to a feeling of pain that makes it difficult to function throughout the day. Dry eye can come with a variety of symptoms. Among the most common are dryness, redness, and either too much or too little lubrication on the eyeball. Your eye might feel scratchy and irritated. You might also feel as though there is something stuck in your eye. Dry spots on the eye or small injuries of the cornea can make it feel as though there is a piece of sand trapped on your eyeball.

What Causes Dry Eye? 

There are several potential causes of dry eye. Medical issues can prevent your tear ducts from functioning properly. This could be a defect in the eye itself or a result of autoimmune disease. Certain medications can also cause dry eye. Dry eye can also occur as a consequence of the natural aging process.

Environmental factors can also cause dry eye. If you spend a lot of time looking at screens, you are straining your eyes and blinking less often than you would otherwise. Even wind exposure can cause dry eye, as can overly heated or air-conditioned environments.  

What Treatments Are Available for Dry Eye? 

Dry eye can be treated in several ways. For immediate relief, you can use over-the-counter eye drops to lubricate your eyes. You can also focus on lifestyle changes like minimizing your screen time. If your dry eyes are due to a medical issue, you can visit an eye surgeon or talk to your eye doctor about changes to your medication. An eye exam will help us determine what is causing your symptoms and what can be done to relieve them.

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