Eye and Vision Exams

If you have an eye or vision issue, you can count on our eye doctor to help you determine the cause of the problem. Annual vision screenings help determine treatment options for refractive errors and a variety of other eye health concerns. Are you looking for an eye exam in Alexandria? Sina J Sabet MD PC is here for you. If you are unsure what to expect from your upcoming exam, here's what you should know.

Eye and Vision Exams

What Happens During an Eye Exam

An eye exam consists of our ophthalmologist asking you to look into a lens and read a series of letters. Based on the line you see clearest, our ophthalmologist can determine your prescription for corrective eyewear. You may be fitted with glasses or contact lenses based on your unique vision needs. You can also determine if you are a candidate for LASIK surgery.

Our eye doctor will also use a special lamp and magnifier to assess the structural components of your eye. You will be given drops to dilate your eyes, which will allow the doctor to examine your retina and the back of your eye. Many doctors are able to diagnose eye disease this way. An eye doctor or technician may perform some additional tests.  For example, the doctor may perform tests to check the pressure of the fluid in the eye to determine if you have glaucoma.

Annual Eye Care Appointments Are Important

Regular eye and vision exams are a crucial part of your health plan. Patients who need corrective eyewear should visit once per year to ensure their prescriptions are up-to-date. Eye exams can also provide an early diagnosis of eye disease. Certain eye conditions like diabetic retinopathy, cataracts, or glaucoma do not show obvious signs in their early stages. Eye exams can diagnose these eye-related issues before symptoms set in.

Visit Us for an Eye Exam in Alexandria

When was the last time you had your eyes checked? Even if everything feels fine, you need to see a doctor annually. Sina J Sabet MD PC provides various eye care services for patients in and around the Alexandria area, including eye and vision exams. Annual eye exams are an important part of anyone's health care. Call our office or contact us online to schedule your next appointment or to learn more about how we can help. 

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