Emergency Eye Treatment

Our eyes are delicate. They can be injured and damaged very easily. When it comes to eye problems, rapid intervention and treatment are necessary to ensure recovery and avoid permanent damage. For those in the Alexandria area, Dr. Sina J Sabet can provide you with the emergency eye treatment you need from a trusted ophthalmologist.  


What is Emergency Eye Treatment?

Emergency eye treatment refers to any treatment that falls outside the scope of routine eye care. Eye health situations can arise at any time, and our ophthalmologist is here to provide the care you need when you need it. Patients need emergency eye care in cases where the eye is impacted, cut, or in any way irritated by a foreign object. If this happens to you, do not schedule an eye exam and wait. Come in for emergency eye treatment immediately. Emergency eye treatment can be the difference between preserving and losing your vision.

Who Needs Emergency Eye Treatment?

If you feel that you need emergent care it is far better to go to the doctor and be told you could have waited than it is to wait and lose your vision or sustain major eye damage. Your eyes are delicate, and you only get two of them, so if you feel you need emergency care you should take the time to get it.

Emergency Eye Treatment In Alexandria, VA

When caring for an organ as important as the eyes, you want to make sure that you’re in capable hands. Our ophthalmologist, Dr. Sina J. Sabet, has years of experience offering trusted emergency eye care services to Alexandria, VA, and the surrounding areas. To learn more about emergency eye treatment,  call us at (703) 370-9411. You may also reach out online. If your eye needs immediate medical attention, come in for an emergency eye exam.

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