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Our Ophthalmologist Treats a Variety of Conditions

You can get treatment for various eye conditions if you stop by our practice in Alexandria, VA. We can treat many conditions, from dry eye to red eye to macular degeneration. Our eye doctor is experienced and qualified. Dr. Sina J. Sabet is our ophthalmologist and has provided excellent care to his patients for 20 years. If you require eye care, you should visit the office of Sina J. Sabet, MD, PC, in Alexandria, VA.

Red Eye

One of the conditions we treat regularly is red eye. You'll likely have heard of this condition and may have experienced it. Quite a few things can cause red eye, and the pink eye is one such cause. The red eye can affect one or both of your eyes. A few things that can cause red eye are allergies, hay fever, and eyelid inflammation.

We will perform an eye exam to see what is causing this condition. After that, we can discuss your treatment options. Red eye is curable. We have plenty of experience with this condition so we can find a treatment plan for you.

Dry Eye

Dry eye is another commonly treated condition in our practice. Aging, computer use, and wind exposure are a few causes of dry eyes. Due to this fact, we will examine your eyes before developing a treatment plan.

Lifestyle changes, such as less time spent looking at screens, can benefit you with dry eye. Dry eyes may seem minor, but they can be more severe than you think. Dry eyes can lead to a greater risk of eye infection. For this reason, you should talk to our ophthalmologist if you have dry eyes. 

Macular Degeneration

We can also treat macular degeneration in our practice. Age-related macular degeneration is another serious eye condition. This condition can cause fuzzy or blurry vision, loss of central vision, and difficulty recognizing familiar faces. Losing central sight is particularly serious since you need central vision to recognize faces, read, drive, and do other things. Talk to our eye doctor in Alexandria, VA, to receive a diagnosis if you believe you might have macular degeneration.

Choose Dr. Sina J. Sabet for Exceptional Eye Care

If you require eye care, you should go with Sina J. Sabet, MD, PC. You can receive excellent treatment for many eye conditions and standard eye exams. Sina J. Sabet, MD, PC, is your premier ophthalmologist in Alexandria, VA. Contact us at (703) 370-9411 to visit our practice for high-quality eye care. 

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