Cataracts Surgery

Cataracts cause the eye's lens to get cloudy, dramatically affecting your vision. Undergoing cataract eye surgery removes the lens of the eye and, in most cases, replaces it with an artificial lens. An eye surgeon or ophthalmologist conducts the surgery as an outpatient treatment. Cataract eye surgery is very common and typically a safe procedure. Our eye surgeon, Sina J. Sabet, MD, PC, in Alexandria, VA, will guide you through the process of restoring your vision. 

Cataracts Surgery

How Cataracts Affect Your Vision

Cataracts cause blurry vision and can increase light glare, making it challenging to carry out your daily routine. Patients who suffer from cataracts may be advised by their eye doctor to see an eye surgeon. Our ophthalmologist may suggest eye surgery to remove cataracts and improve your vision. In addition, the surgery is often recommended if cataracts interfere with treating other vision-related concerns, such as age-related macular degeneration or diabetic retinopathy.

What Is Cataract Eye Surgery?

Cataracts cause the eye's lens to become cloudy, which can significantly affect your vision. Cataract surgery is a surgical procedure where the lens of the eye is removed and, in most cases, replaced with an artificial lens. An ophthalmologist performs the surgery as an outpatient treatment, which means you will go home the same day as the surgery. The surgery is a standard and relatively safe procedure. 

Are there Risks?

As with all surgical procedures, there is a risk of complications; however, these risks during cataract surgery are rare and uncommon. Some risks involved with cataract surgery may include inflammation, infection, bleeding, and swelling. Other side effects may consist of a drooping eyelid, discoloration of the artificial lens, retinal detachment, or glaucoma. 

If you have any concerns about the surgery, speak with our eye surgeon. He can help provide the answers to any questions and concerns you may have about the surgical procedure. 

Visit Us for More Information from Our Eye Doctor

If you are struggling with your cataracts, it might be time to see an ophthalmologist to discuss the option of eye surgery. Sin J Sabet MD PC in Alexandria, VA, can help patients improve their vision through cataract surgery. Do not let cataracts control your life and prevent you from fulfilling your duties or enjoying life. Call us at (703) 370-9411 to schedule an appointment and see how we can help you preserve your eye health. We are here to help.

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