Types of Glaucoma Surgeries

Glaucoma Surgery Options: an Explanation from Your Katy and Houston Optometry Team

Glaucoma afflicts some three million Americans. This eye disorder, which is typically associated with excess fluid pressure inside the eye, causes progressive, permanent damage to the optic nerves. Open-angle glaucoma, the most common variety, causes gradual damage over many years, while angle closure or narrow-angle glaucoma can cause sudden, severe vision loss. 

Thankfully, glaucoma often responds well to medications that help govern eye pressure and save the optic nerves from further harm. Our Katy and Houston optometry team at Eye Site can administer these non-surgical treatments. If these measures don't succeed, we can refer you to an ophthalmologist for any of the following forms of glaucoma surgery.


Trabeculoplasty involves procedures to relieve blockages in the eye's natural drainage system so excess fluid can leave the eye more efficiently. The eye doctor may use either an argon laser or a low-level laser to remove the blockages.

Laser Iridotomy

Patients struggling with angle-closure glaucoma can benefit from this procedure. A tiny hole is made near the iris as an extra drainage point for eye fluid.


Cyclophotocoagulation works well for many patients who have developed eye damage due to glaucoma, even when other treatment methods have failed. In this procedure, a laser deliberately damages the ciliary body, the structure inside the eye that produces all that fluid.


Electrocautery makes use of a special instrument that doubles as a cutting tool and heat implement. After cutting into the drainage mesh of the eye, it directs into the tissue to ease pressure

Drainage tube implantation

If your eyes’ drainage mechanisms aren't working properly, you can have a new one added via drainage tube implantation. In this minimally-invasive procedure, an eye doctor installs tiny drainage tubes in the eye to help prevent fluid pressure buildup.


If necessary, your eye doctor can actually remove part of the drainage mesh itself, essentially leaving the area open to drain fluid as needed. Medication then helps to prevent the open area from scarring over and sealing up. Scarring may require the eye doctor to repeat the procedure.

Protect Your Eyes Against Glaucoma: Schedule Eye Care at Our Clinic

The most important step you can take against glaucoma is to keep up your regular comprehensive eye exams at Eye Site. Our eye care team can identify glaucoma early enough to start immediate non-surgical treatment, which, with luck, may be all you need to preserve your eyesight for many years to come. Call either of our locations to schedule your appointment!

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