Eye Injuries

Common Eye Injuries that May Require Medical Attention

The most important step to remember when you sustain an eye injury is to avoid rubbing your eye or otherwise scratching or itching the area! The staff at Eye Site Texas finds that our patients most often suffer from the following eye injuries:

commmon eye injuries.

  • Being hit by a foreign object, typically while playing a sport or other physical activity.
  • Having a bug fly into their eye that they are unable to dislodge.
  • Scratching the surface of their eye while inserting or removing their contact lenses.
  • Itchiness or excessive redness caused by contact lenses.
  • Having a liquid such as soap or a cleaning agent enter their eye.
  • Overexposure to sunlight or UV rays in a tanning bed.

If you experience any of these injuries, and your symptoms do not clear up right away, please call Eye Site Texas to schedule an appointment right away. Many of these injuries can cause further damage to your eyesight and vision if left untreated. 

Strategies to Avoid Eye Injuries, Especially for Contact Wearers

  • If any foreign object or substance gets into your eye the most important thing to do is to flush the eyes with clean and cool water. Do not rub or itch your eyes as this can worsen the situation. 
  • Always wear protective eye goggles or eyewear when participating in athletic activities, especially swimming.
  • Change your contact lenses as often as directed and be sure you thoroughly wash your hands before inserting or removing your contacts. Avoid itching and rubbing your eyes while you are wearing your corrective lenses.
  • Invest in sunglasses that provide full UV A and UV B ray protection, and if you spend a lot of time on the water or near reflective surfaces be sure to get a pair that is polarized. Avoid using tanning beds, but if you do be sure to wear protective goggles.
  • If you are hit in the eye area, apply ice to the region right away and avoid rubbing or pressing on the eye.

Our staff is here to provide any eye care that you may need following an eye injury of any type. 

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