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When the subject of impaired vision comes up, blurriness may be the first symptom that comes to most people's minds. Blurry vision is not an uncommon problem, but it can prove worrying, frustrating, or even downright debilitating. The good news is that most cases of blurry vision have obvious causes and solutions. Here at Eye Site, we can discover why your eye are playing tricks on you and provide the necessary remedies to get you "seeing single" again. 

The Many Reasons for Blurry Vision

A passing instance of blurry vision may not be anything to worry about at all. Anyone can suffer temporary blurriness from a bit of dust in the eye, for instance. If you recently had LASIK surgery, you may also experience temporary blurriness during the first few weeks of recovery. But when the blurring effect is recurring or constant in nature, you need to know the underlying causes. Potential causes of blurry vision include:

  • Dryness, irritation and/or strain - Dry eye, allergic irritation, and/or computer vision syndrome can cause spells of blurriness
  • Refractive errors - An uncorrected refractive error may include blurred vision (especially at a particular distance level). Most people over 40 develop presbyopia, which can make near objects appear blurry.
  • Eye disorders - Retinal diseases, cataracts, or glaucoma can all cause blurriness and other forms of impaired vision.
  • Hormonal changes - Changes in your hormonal balance, such as the kind that occur in pregnancy, may blur your vision.
  • Contact lens problems - Contacts that don't fit well or collect lots of debris can create blurry vision. 

Treatment Options From Our Katy TX Team

You don't want to let a mysterious case of blurred vision go unchecked, especially it might be caused by a progressive, sight-staling disease. Our Katy TX optometry team at Eye Site can answer your questions by performing a detailed comprehensive eye and vision exam. Examination of the front of the eye can reveal cataracts or corneal problems, while retinal evaluation can help us spot internal disease. Vision testing can uncover a possible refractive error. Your symptoms and lifestyle can also help us diagnose an external cause for your blurry vision.

Once we know what's causing your blurry vision, we can work to correct the problem. We can fit you with corrective lenses, prescribe medication to control eye diseases, recommend eye drops and lifestyle changes to cope with irritation and dryness -- and much more.

Get the Answers to Your Impaired Vision

Don't accept a life viewed through the filter of impaired vision. Get rid of that troubling blurriness by calling Eye Site at either of our offices for evaluation and treatment!


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