Dry Eyes Testing & Treatment

Dry Eye: Testing and Treatment

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Many individuals with dry eyes are not aware they have the condition. Our eye doctors at Eye Site Texas perform several tests during your eye exams, including testing for dry eyes.

What Conditions Cause Dry Eyes?

Several sources report that an estimated five million individuals aged 50 and older experience dry eyes. The American Optometric Association explains that age is just one risk factor. Allergies sometimes lead to dry eye, as does too much screen time. Living or working in a dry environment or sun exposure sometimes causes dry eyes. 

Smoking, exposure to second-hand smoke, having previous eye surgery, LASIK or certain autoimmune disorders also potentially leads to dry eyes. Other causes include having diabetes, Vitamin A deficiency or taking certain medications.

Is Dry Eye Serious? 

Dry eyes result in feeling that the eyelids are heavy, like there is something in your eyes or scratching the surface of your eye.

These symptoms occur because of the reduction in quantity or quality of tears, which leads to lack of lubrication of the surface of your eyes. Without a healthy amount of lubrication, the tear film cannot perform its function of washing away dirt and contaminants.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) reveals that some people experience damage or infection to the cornea due to dry eye complications.

How Regular Eye Exams and Tests For Dry Eye Detects The Condition

Many people do not know they have dry eyes, while others possibly brush symptoms off as eye strain or related to work duties. Our staff at Eye Site Texas realizes the potential seriousness of dry eyes. During your annual eye exam, we perform a comprehensive exam, including tests that detect dry eyes.

The primary test used to detect dry eyes is the Schirmer’s test. Our eye doctor likely places numbing drops in your eyes and places a special small strip of paper under your lid. You then close your eyes until told to open them. Our eye doctor measures the amount of moisture on the strip to diagnose dry eyes.

Treatment Options For Dry Eyes

Treatment varies based on individualized factors. The severity of your dry eyes, causes, and other issues play a role in determining your ideal treatment.

Treatment possibilities include prescribing eye drops that increase tear production, treating the source of your dry eyes such as eyelid or ocular surface inflammation, recommending changes in medications or making environmental and lifestyle changes.

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