Computer Vision

Computer Vision and Your Eyes

When you have noticed changes to your vision when using a computer, you may want to visit Eye Site Texas in Katy & Houston to clarify the potential changes to your eyes. Computer vision syndrome or concerns about your vision when using a computer may arise at any time. The key is identifying ways to reduce the risk of damage or injuries to your eyes.


What is Computer Vision in Optometry?

In optometry, computer vision refers to the strain on your eyes from using a computer or a computerized device for hours throughout your day. As more careers and jobs require the use of computers, it is not surprising that it impacts the eyes. The light from the computer combined with the hours spent gazing at the screen cause eye strain and fatigue. 

Computer vision syndrome may develop in adults and children. It relates to the amount of time spent on the computer, as well as your posture when using a computer.

Signs of a Vision Concern

The signs of strain on your eyes from a computer, tablet, or phone may vary slightly. By clarifying the common signs, it is easier to identify when you may have a concern. Common symptoms of computer vision syndrome include:

  • Dry eyes
  • Headaches
  • Blurred vision
  • Pain in the shoulders and neck
  • General eye strain

Over time, you may notice changes to your vision. Regular eye strain may contribute to other eye conditions and it may change the way you see. You may develop nearsightedness or exacerbate the symptoms of your nearsightedness.

Why Visit Our Clinic for Eye Care?

As a general rule, you will want to visit our clinic for eye care to address the problems that arise when you are facing computer vision syndrome or the symptoms of the syndrome. We ensure that your eyes are not facing undue risk from your behavior. Furthermore, we check that other factors are not causing the symptoms. For example, we rule out other eye conditions when you have strain, fatigue, and headaches. We make sure it is not a serious condition, and we give you custom advice to protect your eyes while you are using a computer or tablet.

Call for an Appointment in Our Clinic

When you are concerned about using a computer or tablet for an extended period, you want to ensure that you take measures to keep your eyes healthy. A key method of keeping your eyes healthy is with a regular check-up and vision test. To learn more about computer vision in Katy & Houston or to set up an appointment at Eye Site Texas, call (281) 644-2010 or (713) 984-9144 today. We are available Monday through Saturday for appointments.

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