Post-Surgery Eye Care

How Do You Take Care of Your Eyes after Surgery?

How well your eyes heal after eye surgery has a big impact on the success of the procedure you had. If you heal well, you may get to enjoy years of improved vision, eye health, and more. If there are complications such as infections or damage to the eye during your recovery, it can slow your healing time down drastically. You might even need to go back for another procedure. At Eye Site, we want all of our Katy & Houston, TX, clients to have a speedy recovery. Here are a few tips:


Talk to Your Optometrist

If you have any concerns about your eye surgery or your recovery, talk to our optometrist ahead of time. We will be able to answer your questions and give you advice tailored to your personal medical situation.

Rest Your Eyes

Different eye surgeries have different recovery times. However, your eyes will recover faster when you give them plenty of rest. Many eye surgeons suggest you take a mild sleeping pill and nap for the hours right after surgery. This lets you sleep through that first, uncomfortable period.

In the days after surgery, try to get plenty of sleep and cut back on screen time as much as you can. You may also find it easier to dim the lights or draw the blinds. Darker conditions can be easier on the eyes.

Take Your Medication as Directed

Drops and pills may be included in your post-surgery eye care kit. These are prescribed for a number of reasons. Some will numb your eyes so you’ll feel more comfortable. Others coat your eyes in a thick layer of protective, lubricating artificial tears. Your eye doctor and possibly your pharmacist will explain how to use these drops and how often to take any pills.

Pay Attention

There’s only so much that your eye doctor can determine just by examining your eyes. It's up to you to bring up any symptoms that you experience during the healing process. Make note of any lingering discomfort, blurred vision, poor night vision, or other possible issues. Your eye doctor needs this information to monitor how you’re recovering.

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