Eye & Vision Exams

The Importance of Your Eye Health

Our state-of-the-art technology provides our doctors the ability to uncover dry eye disease, cataracts, diabetic eye disease, eye infections, macular degeneration and glaucoma.


Early detection and treatment of these sometimes symptomless conditions can protect and preserve your vision for a lifetime and is crucial for proper treatment.

Did you know the eye is the only place that allows a live view of blood vessels, making your eyes a window to your overall health? Viewing the internal structures of the eye provides early detection for many diseases that affect more than just your vision including: high blood pressure, diabetes, elevated cholesterol, heart disease, neurological diseases, and medication side effects.

Optomap Retinal Imaging 

Elite Eye Care offers the latest technology allowing our doctors to view your the inside of your eye [retina, macula, blood vessels and optic nerve], sometimes without pupil dilation. Photo-documentation provides a higher level of care and a record of your eye health from year to year. 


Optimal Prescriptions 

A precise vision examination will provide you with the optimal prescription for your glasses and/or contact lenses. Lenses are not one-size-fits-all anymore. Our doctors will prescribe based on your specific needs. This may entail different prescriptions for different parts of your day such as working on your computer, driving, reading, night driving and recreational activities. We use our eyes differently when we are on the computer for many hours during the work day than we do when driving at night or golfing. It may improve your vision and quality of life to have different eyewear for these situations.

how the eye works

Vision is More than Seeing 20/20

If you think vision is just about seeing our eye chart, we will let you know it's not that simple. The eyes are an organ that absorb light. That light is sent back to the brain to be organized into information our brain can process and understand. In order for the eyes to communicate a clear, single image to the brain, the eyes have to be working as a team. If you suffer from poor eye teaming (reduced binocularity) this would impact every facet of life, including reading ability, memory, coordination and depth perception. If you think your vision is impacting how you function in life, talk with our doctors about your symptoms and any questions you may have about Vision Therapy

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