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Our contact lens examinations focus on providing you with the most comfortable, clear vision you have experienced with contact lenses. We utilize all varieties of contact lenses including 1-day contacts, contacts to correct astigmatism, bifocal contacts, and even custom-made contact lenses. 

Our doctors are experts in Corneal Reshaping Therapy (CRT) lenses that are worn while you sleep to correct your refractive error and allow clear vision throughout your day without contact lenses or glasses. The benefits are endless including freedom of correction during waking hours for school, work, sports and recreation, as well as reducing myopia progression. Highly myopic (nearsighted) patients are at risk of eye diseases such as early cataracts and retinal detachments. 

Dr. Sawatzky specializes in Scleral and other specialty contact lens fits. This technology may allow improved visual quality for patients that would otherwise not be able to wear contact lenses, have suffered a vision-impairing eye injury or have a degenerative eye disease causing reduced vision. 

Even if you have not had success with contact lenses in the past or have been told that you cannot wear contact lenses, we will work with you to meet your specific needs.

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