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Presbyopia is an eye issue that may occur as you age. It causes a deficit in your up-close vision. Fortunately, our eye doctors at Eye Specialists of Illinois in Park Ridge can perform a thorough eye exam and create a treatment plan. Treatment may involve glasses, contacts, or LASIK eye surgery from an eye surgeon.


What is Presbyopia?

Presbyopia consists of a decrease in your ability to see objects up close. It is a progressive condition that happens gradually. It is part of the aging process and generally begins when you are in your mid-40s. The vision loss may continue to worsen until you reach the age of 65.

With this condition, you may notice that you have to hold a newspaper, book, phone, or other devices further away from you to be able to see them clearly. When you hold anything with smaller writing on it close to you, it tends to look blurry. You might also notice that you experience headaches or eyestrain when you have to read or complete activities that require you to look at something up close.

The Cause of Presbyopia

You have several parts of your eye that work together. When you look at something far away, you have muscles that relax. On the other hand, when you look at something up close, your muscles constrict. This allows your lens to curve and alter the focusing power of your eye. When you have presbyopia, the lens hardens as you age. Since it is less flexible, it cannot change shape to refocus to see objects up close.

Besides age, your risk for this condition increases if you have cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, or multiple sclerosis. Additionally, certain medications can increase your chances of developing this condition, such as antihistamines or diuretics.

Treatment for Presbyopia

Our eye doctors will perform a test to determine if you have this issue and the severity. We will either provide you with a prescription for contact lenses. Glasses, or both. Often, our patients like the option of wearing either contacts or glasses depending on the situation.

If you would prefer not to have to wear contacts or glasses, we can refer you to an eye surgeon who can perform LASIK to correct the problem and reduce or eliminate your need for corrective eyewear. At our practice, you will receive a comprehensive evaluation. We will guide you toward testing that is right for your age and risk factors. Moreover, we will work with you to find a solution to treat your Presbyopia.

Quality Eye Care in Park Ridge, IL

If you are struggling to see objects up close or it has been a while since your last eye exam, call our team at Eye Specialists of Illinois today at (847) 823-2127 to schedule an appointment with one of our eye doctors.


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