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Eye Disease Management

If you have an eye disease, you’ll need an ophthalmologist to help you manage it. While eye disease can be scary, there are ways to manage it. At Eye Specialists of Illinois in Park Ridge, IL, we are here to help you take care of your eyes. Here are some essential things you’ll need to do.

Eye Disease Management

Manage Your Stress

Whether it’s a recent diagnosis or you’ve had this problem your whole life, eye disease can cause extra stress in your life. Several factors can increase your stress levels, scheduling appointments, dealing with pain and vision problems, or worrying about the future. Yet, stress can harm your physical and mental health. If you’re already struggling with anxiety, it can make treating your eye disease more difficult. Find ways to reduce and manage your stress. Then, you will have a perfect space to manage your eye disease.

Follow Instructions

If you want your treatments to work, you need to follow your eye surgeon's instructions. These instructions can involve medications, follow-up appointments, and other treatments. If you can’t manage your eye disease in your everyday life, your treatment plan will be less effective.

If your doctor recommends changes to your environment, take them seriously. For example, air purifiers and masks to protect you against pollen can significantly affect your eye health and comfort.

Go to Your Appointments

You should get regular eye exams from an ophthalmologist. These exams are how your doctor finds new developments in your eye disease. They can see any new conditions or worsening symptoms early and try to treat them before they get too bad. These appointments are also where you can address any issues you might have noticed. Your doctor can update your condition and recommend an eye specialist or eye surgeon if necessary. The frequency of your appointments depends on your doctor’s recommendation and your particular disease, but you must go to all of them.

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