Pink Eye

If you have red, itchy eyes, you may have pink eye. The medical term is conjunctivitis, but it's commonly known as pink eye. It is very common in school age children, but it can affect anyone who comes into contact with viruses and bacteria that cause eye infection. We at Clinton Eye Associates in Clinton, CT, know how to help.

Pink Eye

Pink Eye Symptoms

As the name suggests, the most prevalent symptom of pink eye is a pink or reddish discoloration in one or both eyes. The medical term conjunctivitis comes from the fact that this discoloration is caused by inflammation of the conjunctiva. This is a thin membrane between the eyelid and eyeball. The conjunctiva protects and lubricates the eyeball. When it becomes infected, the sclera (white part of the eye) takes on a reddish color. Other symptoms include a gritty or itchy feeling in the eyes, an overabundance of tears, a thick white or green discharge that may mat the lid closed, swollen eyelids and blurred vision. 

Pink Eye Causes 

The infection can be viral or bacterial. It can result from an allergic reaction. Contact with chemicals, such as in make-up, polluted air or chlorinated pools, can lead to pink eye. Pink eye can be avoided by not touching the eyes with dirty hands. Make-up applicators and contact lenses should be regarded as one would their toothbrush and not used by anyone else. Pillowcases should be changed and cleaned weekly. Keep away from the substances you have a bad reaction to. 

Pink Eye Treatment

If a conjunctivitis patient wears contacts, they should cease immediately. If there is an unusual amount of discharge, an “optometrist near me” on our team may take a swab for diagnosis. The treatment may vary based on the cause of infection, patient history, and just the overall condition of the eye. Artificial tears may help the eyeball become more lubricated. If the cause of the pink eye is an allergy, allergy eye drops may clear things up, the optometrist may prescribe antibacterial or antiviral pills, drops or ointments depending on which would work best in the individual case. 

Visit Us for Pink Eye Treatment from an Optometrist Near Me

Viral pink eye is contagious. If symptoms do not subside, it's time to look for "optometrist near me". If you are in Clinton, CT, our vision care team at Clinton Eye Associates is here to help you get relief. Call us at (860) 669-2020.

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