Eye Infections FAQs

There are many different types of eye infections that people can get, and some affect different areas of the eyes than others. If you have itchy, swollen, or red eyes, you may have an eye infection that needs to be seen by the optometrist. There are eye infections that are caused by various things, including viruses, fungi, and bacteria. When these get into your eyes, they can cause a number of symptoms and may be painful. At Clinton Eye Associates, we have provided residents of Clinton, CT, with eye infection treatment for many years.


Is Pink Eye an Eye Infection?

Pink eye, or conjunctivitis, is an eye infection that affects a specific portion of the eye called the conjunctiva. This is a lining that covers the eyes. When this area gets infected, it occurs because the blood vessels that are located inside it have an infection. Either bacteria or a virus can cause these eye infections. It causes the eyes to look red or pink, and it causes the eyes to be inflamed. You can get this infection in other ways as well, including having exposure to strong chemicals and getting allergies. Pink eye can cause your eyes to be watery, itchy, have a discharge, and to feel like there's a foreign object in the eyes when there isn't.

Is Keratitis an Eye Infection?

Yes, keratitis is another type of eye infection that is extremely common. The cornea is a layer that sits on the front of the eye over the pupil and iris. This clear layer can get infected, and that's keratitis. It can be caused by bacteria as well as fungi, parasites, and viruses. This type of infection causes the swelling of the cornea, and this can cause pain and discomfort. It can also turn your eyes red, lead to watering, making you light-sensitive, and give you blurry vision. 

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