Contact Lenses FAQs

Contact Lenses FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about Contact Lenses

When you have a new prescription for contact lenses, you may wonder how they will perform, with the benefits and drawbacks. Contact lenses are a good option for correcting your vision and are highly convenient and practical. While there are pros and cons, wearers find the pros are far more excellent than the cons. When you are interested in wearing contact lenses, you need an optometry exam to make your prescription fresh. When you need to see an optometrist, call Clinton Eye Associates in Clinton, CT, to make your appointment.

Is It Hard to Take Care of Contact Lenses?

Contact lenses are relatively easy to take care of. When you first start to wear them, there can be an adjustment period as you learn to take them out and put them in. Getting used to and repeating the action can take a little practice. However, the process soon becomes part of your routine at bedtime and in the morning, and you can handle them in only a few seconds. Once you get into the habit of caring for them, it's simple and doesn't take much time.

What Are Some Contact Lens Benefits?

Contact lenses have several benefits they come with. They are highly convenient, needing little to no maintenance during the day. It's easy to forget about them during the day, as there is no need to think about them. Many people like wearing contacts because they are easy and don't need to be cleaned as often as glasses.

Contacts are a very effective way to correct vision and the entire visual field without glasses frames within your sight. They are a great way to restore your peripheral vision and the front part of your vision. Many people also like them because they don't like how they look when wearing glasses.

Is There Just One Type of Contact Lens?

No, there are many types. Our optometrist will tell you which type you need. There are soft contacts, which are the type most commonly worn. Hard contacts, known as toric lenses, are also used to correct astigmatism. They have a rigid shape to correct the condition. Different contacts are also worn for various lengths, such as daily lenses, bi-weekly, or monthly. When you get your contact lenses, our optometrist will ensure you try them on to check if they're comfortable and fit well.

Visit Our Optometrist

When you need contact lenses, contact Clinton Eye Associates in Clinton, CT, for your eye exam and lens fitting. Then, call our optometry clinic at (860) 669-2020 to schedule an appointment.

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