How To Choose The Right Glasses For Your Face

Your glasses are likely your most frequently worn accessory, providing both practical and expressive purposes. With so many shapes, styles, and colors available, determining which frames work best for your face can be overwhelming. At Clinton Eye Associates in Clinton, CT, we're here to help you find the perfect pair of glasses.

Choosing Glasses for Your Lifestyle

Choosing the right fit for your daily activities is crucial. For instance, if you're an athlete or exercise regularly, you may require sports glasses. Similarly, if you spend long hours staring at a computer screen, you may need glasses that can protect your eyes on the job.

Determining and Finding Glasses for Your Face Shape

Before selecting your frames, it's important to know your face shape. Square faces have a broad forehead and chin with a wide, angular jawline. Round faces have foreheads, cheeks, and chins that are similar in length and width, with soft cheekbones and jawlines. Heart-shaped faces have a wide forehead, narrow chin, and prominent cheekbones. Oval faces have narrow foreheads and chins, high and prominent cheekbones, and a subtly curved jawline. Diamond faces have narrow foreheads and chins, wider cheekbones, and full cheeks. Finally, triangular faces have a narrow forehead, wide jawline, and chin.

As a general rule, rectangular frames look best on round and heart-shaped faces. Square faces tend to suit rounder lenses, and cat-eye glasses are often flattering on diamond and triangular faces. However, the beauty of style and self-expression is that you can follow these general recommendations or choose something entirely different - it's up to you!

Visit Clinton Eye Associates in Clinton, CT

At Clinton Eye Associates, we have a vast selection of brands, colors, and styles of glasses. Our expert optometrist, Dr. Ostrom, can provide you with an eye exam and match you with the perfect lenses for your specific needs. Contact our clinic for all of your optometry needs and to determine which glasses will suit you best. Call us at (860) 669-2020 to learn more.

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