Signs of Computer Vision

It is almost impossible to avoid looking at a screen these days. Screens are a part of many people's everyday life, both at work and at home. Digital eye strain causes a whole array of issues. It can result from looking at any screen which includes computers, tablets, and smartphones. Given the number of hours that many people spend looking at screens, it is becoming a widespread condition. At Clinton Eye Associates in Clinton CT, Dr. Ostrom provides the quality eye care services that you need if you are living with computer vision.


Eyestrain doesn't injure your eye nor does it cause any permanent damage. It can be caused by the environment and the lighting where you are looking at the screen. If your glasses have not been replaced recently, it might be time to have them updated.


Headaches are a common symptom of computer vision. You may feel a dull ache behind your eyes and when you get away from work, the headache resolves itself. Preventing glare on your screen may help with this issue.

Blurred Vision

You may end up with blurred or double vision. When your eyes get tired, it becomes harder to focus. Make sure that you reduce the glare and increase the lighting where you work to help avoid the issue.

Dry Eyes

Staring at a computer screen all day with limited blinking can cause your eyes to become dry. When you are looking at a screen you blink only one-third of the number of blinks you would normally make. You may feel like there is sand or grit in your eyes. Using over-the-counter eyedrops may help.

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