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Pediatric Contact Lens

Pediatric eye care is essential to your child's vision. Sometimes a corrective lens is needed. Pediatric contact lenses are fitted for eye conditions like amblyopia and anisometropia and are made for infants and toddlers. According to expert pediatrics eye care specialists, children above 12 years should not use pediatric contact lenses. Greenwich Eye Care, serving Old Greenwich, CT, and the surrounding community, is a clinic that offers eye checkups and treatment. Don't hesitate to contact our qualified optometrist to get solidified pediatric eye care matching your child's needs and lifestyle.

Does My Child Need to Wear a Pediatric Contact Lens?

A parent may find it challenging when their child is not able to take care of eyeglasses. The glasses might keep falling off, breaking, and getting dirty. At this point, the parent should visit Greenwich Eye Care and see if our optometrist recommends pediatric contact lenses.

Other signs indicating the need for pediatric lenses include:

  • If your child is experiencing eye irritation
  • If you have blurry vision
  • When eye dryness is constant

Always seek help from an optometrist if you notice signs that your child's eyes are not in good condition. The eyes are delicate, and prevention is better than cure.

Signs Your Child Needs Replacement Pediatric Contact Lenses

If the optometrist had already issued a pediatric contact lens, at some point new ones will be needed. The following are signs that a replacement is warranted.

The lenses have expired: Since each contact lens expires at a specific point in time, understand the intended lifespan of the lenses. Some can last for a week, a day, or a month. Wearing them past the recommended time can cause harm to your eyes.

The contacts are irritating or uncomfortable. If irritation or itching begins, start by removing the lenses and inspecting them. If the lenses are damaged, stop using them and visit Greenwich Eye Care for pediatric eye care services.

When the lenses appear cloudy: The pediatric contact lens may appear cloudy due to a buildup of bacteria. An optometrist will advise you not to use them further because they might cause infections or dry eye. You may be advised to use a saline rinse. In case of any difficulty, visit your optometrist.

The pediatric contact lens is bent or out of shape: If you notice this, according to pediatric eye care, you should stop using them. Further use can cause damage to your child's eyes.

Pediatric Contact Lenses from Our Trusted Optometrist

Are you searching for superb pediatric contact lenses for your child in Old Greenwich? Contact our optometrist with Greenwich Eye Care in Old Greenwich, CT. Book an appointment today by calling (203) 698-5049.


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