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Eye Care for Eye Irritation

Most of us have rubbed our eyes from time to time, feeling an itch that just wouldn't go away or feeling as if there was something stuck to our eyes. Many times, a simple rubbing motion will get rid of the irritation impacting our eyes. However, other eye irritation issues seem to be chronic, affecting people no matter how much they rub or scratch their eyes. If you've been suffering from eye irritation and are unsure of how to resolve the issue, perhaps a visit to the optometrists is what you need! Visiting eye doctors can help you get a better understanding of why your eye irritation persists, as well as find solutions to help you heal.

At Greenwich Eye Care serving Old Greenwich, CT, our team of eye doctors is here to provide eye care for you and your family, including care to treat eye irritation. We want our clients to get the care they need to solve any irritation or underlying eye diseases. We can help find out the root cause of your eye irritation with a simple exam and expert help from our optometrists.

Eye Irritation

What Causes Eye Irritation?

Eye irritation can have a wide number of causes, ranging from being unable to properly hydrate your eyes due to dry eyes, or even suffering from blurry vision and squinting your eyes leading to irritation. In addition, other common causes of eye irritation include allergies, such as seasonal allergies, and eye infections.

Conjunctivitis, which is also known as pink eye, and blepharitis, an infection of the glands in the eye lid, both have similar symptoms of irritation, including red eyes and crust forming from the eyes, discharge, and swollen eyes.

An optometrist on our optometry team can conduct an eye exam to help determine if your irritation is due to an underlying infection, such as pink eye and blepharitis, or another condition such as seasonal allergies.

How Do Eye Doctors Provide Treatment?

An eye doctor on our team can examine your eye and help determine the best treatment for your eye irritation. This can include eye drops to help alleviate dry eyes, or antibiotic or antiviral medications to treat underlying infections.

Lifestyle changes might also be recommended to reduce dry eyes and seasonal allergies. An optometrist on our optometry team can know which of these treatments will work to reduce the painful itching and redness in your eyes. 

Find Eye Care for Eye Irritation with Our Optometrists on Our Optometry Team

Get eye care for eye irritation with our optometrists. Call our eye doctors at (203) 698-5049 for Greenwich Eye Care serving Old Greenwich, CT, to schedule an appointment with our eye doctors and help get the care you need to get rid of your eye irritation symptoms for good.

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