The Camillus House is the largest provider of homeless services in the state of Florida.

Many of our clients come to us with little to no education. We are able to provide them opportunities that will help them on the road to self-sufficiency such as job placement, skills assessments, resume building, and other employment guidance.

I have been instrumental in working with many employers and potential employers in the South Dade area in giving a helping hand to those who are down on their luck. I would like to acknowledge the pleasure it has been to work with Suds Domestic Services (SUDS). Ms. Noelle Jackson and I have partnered to help those individuals who are the most in need.

Since 2013, SUDS hired eight of our clients/residents on a part-time basis in construction cleaning positions. This act has allowed these individuals to gain employment, give them a sense of self-worth, and be part of something they can take pride in.

All of this good work has transpired over a relatively short period of time. As a representative of Camillus House, we look forward to continuing this partnership in the spirit of helping the less fortunate amongst us. For more information on the Camillus House, click here

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