Some Information about us and what we do. . . It was a "Dirty" Story . .

We started our journey in 2006 when our principal decided to leave her Accounting profession and to get into the " Dirty Laundry " Business ( Laundromat ). From these very humble beginnings,  the house cleaning business was started only for additional income to help the then struggling laundromat.  The home cleaning services literally carried the laundromat until 2007 when they said good-bye to the laundry and embraced home cleaning services in Miami.  Since that brave step forward, the company now forges on . . . 

Our territory ranges from Homestead to North Broward on the East coast of South Florida with the goal of expanding into other markets in Florida and other states.  Our staff is hired in the different geographical areas and each person is given a territory


"Each one, help one"

We will stabilize the lives of our Contractors by giving them constant work; We will uplift the lives of our Contractors by providing education, encouragement and opportunities for their growth in this industry; We will improve the lives of our Clients by providing Professional Contractors for their homes and businesses.  By helping others, we would have in turn helped ourselves.

We are an evolving company and we aim to change the negative stigma associated with  housekeeping / maids everywhere we go.  We want to make an under-appreciated industry appreciated.  We will do this through training and education of our Contractors and Customers.  As they say, the best customers are our educated customers and the best house-keepers, house cleaners, maids, or domestic contractors are those who have the knowledge combined with skill and can make this more than just something to "stop the gap", but a career to be proud of, a Professional Housekeeper Contractor!

We are extremely selective with our Cleaning Contractors, and other Domestic Contractors as we know that we are only as good as our last cleaning and our last placement. Our name and reputation ride on the work of our Attendants and the persons that we place in and around your homes. We carefully screen each prospective Attendant by checking personal and work references, fingerprints and backgrounds.

 We are building our company, one satisfied client at a time with the hopes that our exceptional service and professional name will spread and one day become a house-hold name synonymous with "Good House-Keeping".

Please feel free to contact our office should you have any questions. Thank you for taking the time to read about our company and for inquiring about Suds Domestic Services. Should you wish to use any of our services, please contact us at these numbers 305-233-6707 or 786-269-7210 

 God Bless,

 Noelle Jackson

 Some of my favorite quotes are:

"Wisdom, courage and strength . . . that is what I wish for you!" Noelle Jackson's Serenity Prayer

"It's not what you've got, it's how you clean it!!! Noelle Jackson on her Cleaning Business

"If cleanliness is next to Godliness, then I want to start the movement of getting the world closer to God" Noelle Jackson


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