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Contact Lenses

Contact Lenses at Family EyeCare at Westchase

Contact lenses are small clear disks placed on the eyeball for vision correction or aesthetics benefits. Patients often opt for contact lenses to not have to deal with glasses or to achieve a more natural look. Do you have a vision problem and are considering contact lenses in place of traditional eyeglasses? Our professional staff at Family EyeCare at Westchase is here to help. Our Tampa optometrists will conduct a contact lens exam to determine if these lenses are right for you. We also have a wide range of contact lenses to make sure you receive the best pair that suits your needs and preferences.

Contact Lenses

The Main Types of Contact Lenses

 If you are interested in contact lenses, you need to consider which lens material suits your needs best. Today's contact lenses are either soft, hard, or hybrid. Here are the different types of contact lenses, depending on the lens material.

Hard Contact Lenses

These lenses are rigid and made of gas-permeable plastic materials that allow oxygen to flow through the lens to the cornea. Hard contacts are used to correct refractive errors. The most common type of hard contact lens is rigid gas-permeable (RGP or GP). GP contacts are comfortable to wear and offer excellent vision. They are advantageous in correcting vision, mostly for those who have astigmatism. We advise replacing these lenses every 2 or 3 years.

Soft Contact Lenses

Soft contact lenses are the most popular types of lenses. They are made of gel-like and flexible plastics that are water absorbent. Many people prefer these lenses over others because they are comfortable to wear and come in different options. Common soft contact lenses include:

  • Daily wear contact lenses- Many of these soft lenses are disposable, and you might need to wear a new pair every day. They are inserted in the morning and removed before sleeping.
  • Extended-Wear - You wear these lenses overnight or continuously for around 30 days. However, you're required to remove them for cleaning once or twice a week.

Hybrid Contact Lenses

These lenses combine the characteristics of hard and soft contact lenses. The center of hybrid lenses is rigid gas permeable, and the material surrounding it is a soft lens.

Benefits of Contact Lenses

  • Contacts offer a sharp visual acuity - Various contact lenses are designed to help deal with different eye-care needs. You need to undergo a thorough eye exam to determine the best lenses to improve your vision or correct refractive errors.
  • Contacts provide wide visual access - Lenses give a balanced and accurate perception of objects as they are placed directly on the cornea, which offers an unobstructed view. Most people with an active lifestyle tend to go for lenses because they reduce glare reflections and provide better visual clarity.

Visit Us for Your Contact Lens Exam from Our Optometrists in Tampa, FL

If you believe contact lenses are what you need for optimal vision clarity, visit us at Family EyeCare at Westchase. Our optometrists in Tampa will conduct a thorough contact lens exam to determine the lenses that suit you best. Our professional staff is dedicated to providing our patients the eye care they need for proper vision health. Call us at (813) 814-2020 to schedule your appointment today.