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Contact Lens Exams

When you receive an eye exam, our eye doctor will assess the general health of your eyes, examine your vision and, if need be, prescribe glasses. The eye doctor needs ample time to perform additional tests and take different measurements if you require contact lenses.


Have you ever worn contact lenses? The first step to wearing contact lenses is receiving a contact lens exam from an optometrist. When you visit an eye doctor for a contact lens exam, you can expect some inquiries about your lifestyle to establish if you are the right candidate for contact lenses. Contact our eye doctors at Family EyeCare at Westchase, serving Tampa and the surrounding communities. We are here to preserve your eye health and improve your quality of life.

What to Expect During a Contact Lens Exam

The following tests are performed to get an exact contact lens prescription:

The size and curvature of the cornea: This test helps our optometrist design a proper fitting size and base curve that matches your contact lenses. The eye doctor will use a device called a keratometer to evaluate how light reflects off your cornea to acquire the most formidable base curve of your cornea. We may also use a corneal topographer for more precise measurements since the keratometer can only measure a small area of the cornea.

The size of the pupil or iris: Our optometrist will get the measurements of the sizes of both the iris and the pupil of your eye to determine the appropriate size for your contact lenses. This is especially pivotal if you plan to wear rigid gas permeable lenses. The exam can be performed by holding a card with versatile pupil sizes adjacent to your eye to ascertain the nearest match.

Tear film evaluation: This test is used to determine your ability to wear contact lenses successfully. Dry eyes can affect contact lens wear, as it can cause your eyes to become irritated and itchy, making it difficult to wear your lenses. If you have very dry eyes or are suffering from dry eye syndrome, our eye doctor may recommend avoiding contact lenses. However, if you have slightly dry eyes, the optometrist can prescribe contact lenses that are specially fashioned for dry eyes.

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Contact lenses are an excellent way to correct a person’s vision without having to wear glasses. Some many activities and scenarios make wearing glasses simply impractical. Furthermore, many of our patients simply enjoy having the option of wearing glasses or contact on certain days. If you live in or around Tampa and are considering contact lenses, call our team at Family EyeCare at Westchase today at (813) 814-2020, or reach us through our website by using our online contact form.