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Back to School Glasses

Back to school shopping is the start of a new educational adventure to get your child prepared for the upcoming year. Don’t forget to add seeing a pediatric optometrist to your back to school to-do list and shopping for a new pair of stylish glasses. Our eye doctors at Family Eye Care at Westchase in Tampa, FL, know how important it is for your child to see clearly when in the classroom, participating in extracurricular activities, and playing sports. 

Back to School Glasses

See a Pediatric Optometrist before Returning Your Child to School

An eye exam for children returning to school can help ensure they can see clearly, which is essential for learning, reading, and sports performance. Tests conducted during a back to school eye exam might include visual acuity, eye focusing, eye tracking, eye teaming, visual perception, and recognition. Other tests may consist of comprehension and retention. 

Getting Back to School Glasses

After seeing an optometrist, it is time to select the best pair of back to school glasses for your child. Work with us  to select the best frames to complement your child’s face shape and choose the stylish frames your child likes best. 

Next, have your child wear the glasses at home before school starts. Wearing the glasses at home helps offer your child time to get used to them. 

Finally, focus on the benefits of wearing glasses to help your child feel more comfortable wearing them at school. Benefits may include performing better on tests and improving performance during sports, art, and music. 

Importance of Vision Checks

Visual learning is much of a child’s learning experience, and the tiniest of vision problems could hinder a child’s academic performance. Seeing an eye doctor for an annual back to school exam helps ensure your child sees clearly and detects significant and minor eye problems. 

An optometrist on our team may prescribe corrective lenses to help the child see clearly in the classroom and when playing sports. Clear vision can help your child succeed and experience less frustration from being unable to see clearly. 

Children with a family history of poor vision or eye health may need to come in more frequently for eye exams. 

Schedule an Eye Exam with a Pediatric Optometrist on Our Team in Tampa, FL

If it has been a while since your child has had a pediatric eye exam or is about to return to school, schedule an appointment with a Tampa, FL, eye doctor on our team. Our optometrists at Family Eye Care at Westchase are dedicated to helping students see clearly and perform well in school. Call our office at (813) 814-2020 to schedule an appointment with one of our eye doctors today.