Moshe Heller LAc MTOM

Moshe Heller LAc. MTOM

Moshe Heller is a graduate of Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, San Diego.

He is the former academic dean and chair of the department of oriental medicine at Pacific College, New York.

Moshe has been practicing and teaching Chinese Medicine for more than 15 years. He taught at the Hebrew University, Medicine College, and the Israeli College of Complementary Medicine. He currently teaches Pediatrics and various other courses at Pacific, NY and lectured at the Pacific Symposium in San Diego. Moshe has also completed postgraduate work at the Guan An Men Hospital in Beijing, China where he focused on Internal Medicine and TCM Gynecology. He has also taken various postgraduate courses including Pediatrics and Japanese acupuncture and has participated in a research study on the use of acupuncture during labor. Moshe currently maintains a busy practice in NYC and finalizing his Doctorate in Chinese Medicine.