10-Point Comprehensive Eye Exam

Our 10-point Comprehensive Eye Exam incorporates state-of-the-art technology, making our services more comprehensive and less invasive.  

  1. Blood Pressure Screening:  We always begin with a blood pressure reading, helping us to understand your overall health and not just your eyesight!  If there is a concern, we can assist you in getting further care from your primary care physician.  We'll make it convenient by telling them what we found so that you don't need to worry about it.  

  2. Digital Refraction:  This procedure takes a computerized measurement of your vision, giving us an estimate of your spectacle prescription.  This helps Dr. Shearer to take less time finding your prescription so that he can spend more time assessing your overall eye health.  

  3. Digital Corneal Thickness Measurement (Pachymetry):  Using ultrasound, this test measures your corneal thickness, allowing us to make a better assessment of a patient's glaucoma risk.  

  4. Digital Visual Field (Neurological Assessment): This test, which checks for any deficiencies in your central or side vision, screens for glaucoma and neurological conditions, such as brain tumors, aneurisms,stroke etc., all of which can lead to blindness or can even be life-threatening.  

  5. Digital Glaucoma Testing:  The Tonometry test measures the pressure of the fluids inside your eye (Intraoccular pressure or IOP), to screen for glaucome, an eye disease that can cause blindness by damaging the optic nerve in the back of your eye.  

  6. Keratoconus Screening:  This procedure, which is particularly important for patients suffering from severe ocular allergies or astigmatism, measures the curve of the cornea.  Abnormal corneal curvatures can cause serious blurred vision which may have to be corrected by corneal transplant if not detected early.  

  7. Digital Retinal Exam:  Using the latest technology in digital retinal photography, we can diagnose and record early retinal changes which arise from Diabetes, Hypertension, and elevated Cholesterol levels.  We can then partner with your primary care physician to co-manage these diseases.  

  8. Digital Optic Nerve Exam:  Our highly sophisticated digital photography allows us to zoom in and observe the optic nerve in 3D.  We note any abnormalities or changes over time for early detection of glaucoma.  

  9. Cataract Screening:  Dr. Shearer uses a powerful ocular microscope to examine the lens in the eye, evaluating the different types of cataracts that can occur as a result of aging, trauma, medication (particularly steroids), and systemic disease (such as Diabetes).  

  10. Slit-Lamp Exam:  Equipped with an ocular microscope, Dr. Shearer examines the front structures of the eye to diagnose Dry Eye, Pink Eye, Corneal Ulcers (resulting from Contact Lens abuse), Cancer of the front of the eye, and inflammation that can cause Glaucoma if left untreated.   

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