Vision Therapy FAQs

At Vision City of Lake Worth, we are committed to ensuring our patients in and around Lake Worth maintain their vision and eye health for years to come. However, not every eye-related issue can be managed with glasses or contact lenses. Certain eye-related problems are caused by the way the eyes and brain work together. If you are suffering from vision issues like crossed eyes, reading/learning disorders, double vision, lazy eye, and other conditions, vision therapy can help. Our optometrist can conduct eye exams to determine whether vision therapy is right for you.

Vision Therapy

What Is Vision Therapy?

Vision therapy is a type of eye care treatment where patients work on various visual skills, including focusing or tracking abilities. It can also be used for eyesight training, which corrects eye alignment to improve visual acuity. Vision therapy is a non-invasive treatment process that can improve different vision problems. Our optometrist recommends this therapy to patients who have trouble reading, concentrating, and performing other daily tasks because of blurred or double vision. These types of problems can be the results of ocular conditions such as strabismus (crossed eyes) or amblyopia (lazy eye), which may cause developmental or acquired vision problems.

How Does Vision Therapy Work?

Vision therapy usually starts with various eye exams to diagnose the root cause of the issues. From there, we can recommend eye exercises that include focusing on various patterns, following an object that is moving, or looking at specific objects. These can be done in dark rooms or after placing your head under certain devices, such as the tangent screen (which prevents you from seeing anything except for the object you are looking at). In some cases, our eye doctor may recommend using certain patches or lenses. In other cases, they may prescribe eye drops. The goal of these prescriptions is to make it easier for you to see the world around you. As a result, your eyesight will improve, and this can be tracked through continued screenings and tests.

What Are the Benefits of Vision Therapy?

Vision therapy is beneficial for those who suffer from eye conditions such as amblyopia, strabismus, and hyperopia. It can also help those who have problems with focusing, depth perception, and eye movement. Visual-motor skills involve the ability to combine vision with body movement, which leads to precise eye movements. Eye-tracking and hand-eye coordination can be improved through this therapy to ensure optimal performance while out on the field. Vision therapy can also be used in combination with other treatments for non-vision-related conditions such as ADHD.

Other benefits of vision therapy include:

  • Improved ability to track objects
  • Enhanced 3D object identification and interpretation
  • Better reading skills
  • Greater independence in completing tasks that require good eyesight

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