Emergency Eye Care

Just like any other part of the body, eyes are prone to infections and injuries. Some eye conditions require emergency eye care. Otherwise, they might result in severe health complications. 

At Vision City of Lake Worth in Lake Worth, TX, we offer exceptional emergency eye care services. If your eye has been badly injured or if you experience significant vision changes, visit our Lake Worth optometrist immediately for an eye exam and treatment. Don't try to judge the severity of the condition, as it might worsen and put you at risk of losing your vision. 

eye emergency

Eye Emergencies That Require Immediate Treatment

Chemical Burn

If a chemical gets into your eye, you can try to flush it out using water. After, visit our emergency eye doctor immediately. It's also crucial to call our eye doctor and ask if it's safe to use water. Don't put any medication on the eye, as it can result in more problems. 

Significant Vision Changes

You should not typically have any significant vision changes, such as seeing flashing lights or floating spots. These changes may indicate a serious condition such as retinal detachment, which can result in vision loss if not treated promptly.

Eye Injury

The cornea can get scratched if your eye is poked or hit. You might not develop any symptoms for a few hours after the injury occurs, and you might think you are fine even when you are not. It's good to see our eye doctor immediately after your eye has been hurt to prevent the development of more severe conditions.

Foreign Object in The Eye

If an object gets into the eye but is not embedded into it, you can try to remove it carefully, being sure not to hurt the eye more. If it's embedded, you need to visit our optometrist to have it removed as soon as possible. We have special tools to safely remove stuck objects from the eyes.

Bulging Eyes

Conditions like eye socket injuries and blood vessel abnormalities may make your eyes bulge. These conditions are serious and need immediate medical attention from our eye doctor. If you notice this symptom, come in right away.

Visit Vision City of Lake Worth for Emergency Eye Care

If you have a vision problem that requires emergency eye care, we can help. At Vision City of Lake Worth in Lake Worth, TX, we have state-of-the-art eye exam equipment that helps us diagnose the problem and come up with the most effective treatment method. We will give you medication that will relieve your discomfort and treat the condition affecting you. We also remove stuck foreign objects from the eyes. Don't self-medicate a vision problem, as it might result in severe, life-altering complications. Call us today to talk to our Lake Worth optometrist for further instructions regarding your emergency condition.


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