Eye Exams and Finding the Right Glasses for You

Finding the Right Glasses for You

If you're unsure if you need an eye exam, the best thing to do is schedule an appointment with our optometry team. At Vision City of Lake Worth in Lake Worth, TX, we can help you determine if you need glasses and help you find the perfect pair.

Do I Need Glasses?

If you've never had an eye exam before, or it's been a while since your last one, you may wonder if you need glasses from an optometrist. The answer to this question depends on a few factors. First, it depends on how well you can see. You may need glasses if you're struggling to see clearly, whether it's up close or far away.

Second, it depends on your age. As we age, our vision changes, and we may need glasses to help us see correctly. If you're over 40, get an eye exam every two years or more frequently if you have a family history of vision problems.

Third, it depends on your overall health. If you have a health condition that could affect your vision, such as diabetes, it's essential to get regular eye exams. Additionally, if you've had an injury to your eye, you should see an optometrist to ensure your vision hasn't been affected.

What to Expect at a Vision Exam

At eye exams, our optometrist will ask about your vision and any changes you've noticed. They'll also ask about your overall health and any medications you're taking. This information will help them determine if you need an eye exam.

Next, they'll test your vision. This test will involve reading an eye chart to measure how well you can see at different distances. The results of these vision tests and imaging of your eye will determine your prescription for eyeglasses.

Find Your Next Pair of Eyeglasses Today

Eye exams are critical and essential for the health and well-being of those with impaired vision. At Vision City of Lake Worth in Lake Worth, TX, our comprehensive preventative care includes a vision exam with our optometry team to get the eyeglasses you need. Visit our eye doctor today, or call us at (817) 546-9000.

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