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Dry Eye Treatment With Our Optometrist in San Antonio

Dry, red, and itchy eyes are common problems, but you don't have to suffer. Often, dry eyes are caused by issues that can easily be fixed with a trip to the eye doctor. Our optometrist in San Antonio at Kozlovsky Delay & Winter Eye Consultants, LLC will be able to assess your eye care needs and help you find relief from dry eyes. 

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Causes, Diagnosis, and Treatment Of Dry Eye

Sometimes, there are underlying issues that can cause dry eyes, such as eyelid conditions or the use of certain medications. Other times, dry eyes can be an issue of dehydration. Some people's eyes simply do not produce enough tears naturally. 

Our optometrist will assess the severity of your dry eye symptoms and create a treatment plan to give your eyes some relief. Our eye doctor may assess your natural tear production by using a procedure called the Schirmer test. The Schirmer test is done by placing small, absorbent strips of paper underneath your lower eyelid. After five minutes, our eye doctor will be able to look at the paper and see how effective your eyes are at producing natural tears.

Our eye doctor may also perform a test to measure the quality of your tears. Some people have tears that evaporate very quickly. This can mean that although the eye is producing plenty of natural tears, they may still experience dry eye symptoms. Our eye doctor may treat the surface of your eye with special drops that show any issues on your cornea. Dry spots or scratches on the cornea may indicate that your tears evaporate more quickly than they should. 

After assessing your dry eye condition and diagnosing the cause of your dry eye, our optometrist will come up with a treatment plan that will help your eyes begin to feel more comfortable. This may include regular eye exams, over the counter and/or prescription eye drops, or other medications. It's important to remember to stick to using your eye drops as prescribed even if your eyes begin to feel better. Often, people who suffer from dry eye need time to heal, and your eyes are only able to heal when they are properly hydrated. 

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