Sports Vision

What Is Sports Vision Treatment?

If you're looking to move to the top of your game, sports vision treatment can be a great way to get to the next level. At Dr. C Vision Care, our team is here to help you enhance your visual skills so that you're able to improve your sports performance.

Sports Vision

What Is Sports Vision?

Sports vision optometrists work with athletes to help enhance visual abilities. Depth perception, reaction times, hand-eye coordination, and the ability to perform consistently can all be positively affected by sports vision training. Just like working out and practicing your sport can improve your performance, sports vision is a workout for your eyes that can help you get to the next level.

Sports vision specialists create specialized treatment plans that work to help athletes make the most of their vision. Sports vision training can help people move forward toward athletic goals, one training appointment at a time.

Your First Sports Vision Appointment

At your first sports vision appointment, your sports vision specialist will work to get a baseline of your current sports vision abilities. This will provide your care provider with an idea of where you're starting, allowing him to create ambitious, yet achievable, goals that will help you begin the process of improving your sports vision abilities.

Your sports vision specialist may take you through several different training activities. Your training will teach you how to focus on a single object as well as how to decrease the amount of time that it takes for you to react to visual stimuli.

Over time, your sports vision specialist will track your progress. He'll also talk with you about improvements you're seeing in your performance and adjust your training plan as necessary to keep you moving forward. 

Your eye doctor will also talk to you about ensuring that your eyes are protected as you participate in your sport. You may need protective eyewear or other eye protection to ensure that your eyes are safe while you're giving your sport your all.

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