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What if I have 20/20 vision?

   Our stock lenses are plano (having no power in them), so they are easy to fit on anyone. They handle and clean just like any other soft contact lens. Your eye care provider will train you on proper insertion, removal, and cleaning techniques.  If necessary, our lenses are available in prescription powers as well including astigmatism.

Does ComforTint change my eye color?

  Yes, the ComforTInt will darken your eye color to a medium or dark brown depending on which density you prefer. On blue eyes, the pupil will be visible with the the number II density. However the pupil will not be very visible with the number III density.   Here is a picture of a blue eyed individual with a ComforTint II in her right eye. 

How long do the contact lenses typically last?

     For stock ComforTInts and prosthetics, we use a yearly replacement lens for our tints. The lens must be discarded after one year's use, even if wearing part time. The lens must never be worn overnight or during prolonged periods of sleep. Your doctor may fit you in frequent replacement lens such as a 2-week or one month replacement (tints for frequent replacement lenses may not be available in all prescriptions and brands due to thickness and material differences). We provide the tinting service for your doctor. 

How much does it cost?

    Our tinted services are very affordable. We distribute our lenses through eye care professionals exclusively, and do not sell direct-to-patient.  Pricing will vary depending on cost of living in your area. The retail price for one pair of Comfortint lenses can range from $300 - $500.  For comparison, most companies charge around $700 per pair.  Your eye care professional may charge a fitting fee to be properly fit into our product. 

Can I try them on before I buy a pair?

    Your eye care provider will perform an in-office trial in order to determine fit and effectiveness. In some cases the lenses are made-to-order and may come at a cost.   You may incur a fitting fee by your eye care professional for this service.  Once the fitting is complete they can order you a prescribed pair. 

I do not currently have an eye care professional.

     The first thing in getting started with our product is having a comprehensive eye examination by an optometrist or ophthalmologist. The best way to find a good eye doctors is by asking your friends and family for a referral. You want a doctor that performs specialty lens fits, which most are capable of doing.  If you are having a difficult time finding an eye care provider, see our Get Started form, and we can help find an eye care provider for you. T

My eye doctor does not fit therapeutic sun or sport tint contact lenses.

     We can provide instruction to your doctor or locate a ComforTint provider for you.

How do I properly clean and store my contact lenses?

     All of our lenses must be removed at the end of each day and disinfected in a proper multi-purpose solution (i.e. Opti-Free or Biotrue)  or peroxide solution such as Clear Care or Peroxiclear. Please see the solution package inserts for full instructions on proper cleaning and care.

Can I purchase more than one tint?

     Sure! Many folks will have a lighter pair for indoors and a darker pair for outdoors etc. or for when their migraines flare up. 

What if I have never worn contact lenses?

     Our stock contact lenses come in plano (no power). Your eye care provider will properly train you on the application and removal of soft contact lenses.


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  • "I have been getting headaches from too much light for as long as I can remember. I used to be referred to as the kid that wore sunglasses back in high school.....I was wearing two pairs of sunglasses at the same time that I realized there has to be a better solution....."