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Just as perfect hands don't guarantee you have the hand speed and coordination to play the piano, perfect eyes or new glasses don't guarantee you have the eye speed and coordination to make it through Harry Potter or drive at night or enjoy your family after a day of straining your eyes at your desk or computer. To see how visual fitness may be affecting your life, see which of the statements apply.


  • Reading puts you to sleep.
  • You lose concentration when reading.
  • Reading requires effort.


  • It worries you to drive after dark.
  • You get carsickness.


  • Headaches make you irritable.
  • You are too tired to enjoy your friends or family after a day of desk or computer work.

Sports and Coordination

  • In golf, you want to cut strokes.
  • In tennis, you want quicker reaction time.
  • In life you want better coordination.

This book won't take the place of an eye exam. It's not about “throwing away your glasses." In fact, it's not about your eyes at all: It's about how you use them!  It's your instruction manual for seeing smaller, longer, faster, for absorbing more information, for improving your eye-hand coordination and creating the VISION you need to reach your goals. Read it. Use it! See a whole new difference in your sports, your energy level, your reading concentration and your relationships. See a whole new difference in your outlook on life. Order Visual Fitness today!

Normally $13.00 - 222 pages - ISBN 0-425-19408-6


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Reviews From Our Satisfied Patients

  • "She has had dramatic improvements in Math, Reading, all subjects. Her memory has improved—no more studying for days before a test. Her self confidence has grown by the day. Thank you so much! I tell everyone about vision therapy and our daughter's success."
  • "The changes I've noticed in Ryan since he began vision Therapy are- he now reads more for enjoyment, he has more self-confidence and he comprehends what he reads much better. But, the best change has been that he no longer needs his Ritalin. He had been taking it for 2 years-he has always made good grades and still does, but with much less effort."