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Hello, Negro League Fans. I have taken down the Negro League Forum page temporarily due to all the spam and obscene notes being posted. I am trying to work through my server to filter out the bogus posts.

In the meantime, if you have any questions, please email them to me and I will either answer them myself, or will post them on this page manually.

For the person who was looking for a roster for the Kansas City Monarchs, I don't remember what year you were looking for, but I believe it was around 1953. Here are the rosters for '52, '53, '54 and '55.

1952: Ernie Banks, Hank Bayliss, Willie Bennett, Richard Booker, Willard Brown, Tom Cooper, Joe Douse, Frank Ensley, Green, Duke Henderson, Pancho Herrera, Carey Humphreys, Ike Jackson, John Jackson, Connie Johnson, James Johnson, Ralph Johnson, Bob Landers, Earl McCree, Booker McDaniels, Henry Mason, Murray, Buck O'Neil, Richard Phillips, Gene Richardson, Hank Thompson, George Walker, White.

1953: Juan Armenteros, Ernie Banks, Hank Bayliss, Bill Bell, Sherwood Brewer, Tom Cooper, Bill Dickey, Joe Douse, Duke Henderson, Francisco Herrera, William Holder, Leonard Hunt, Ike Jackson, John Jackson, Ernest Johnson, Ben McCauley, Berto Daniel Nunez, Buck O'Neil, Dick Phillips, Chico Renfroe, Gene Richardson, Willie Steele, Jeff Williams.

1954: Juan Armenteros, Hank Bayliss, Bill Bell, Sherwood Brewer, Doc Conners, Conrad Flores, James Gilmore, Leon Harris, Francisco Herrera, Doc Horn, Marvin Jones, Ned Kennedy, Ketchum, Enrique Maroto, Hank Mason, Bob Mitchell, Dick Mobley, Ira Mobley, Berto Munez, Buck O'Neil, Dick Phillips, Sam "Piggy" Sands, Toni Stone, Dick Thompson, James Walls, Ernest Webster.

1955: George Altman, Juan Armenteros, Hank Bayliss, Arthur Bennett, Willie Bennett, Alfred Cartmill, Estaban Clark, Melvin Duncan, Willie Forge, John Gautier, Jim Gilmore, J.C. Hartman, Bill Hill, Victor Incera, Sweet Lou Johnson, Hank Jones, Marvin Jones, Enrique Maroto, Bob Mitchell, Buck O'Neil, Satchel Paige, Joe Patterson, Dick Phillips, B.G.Stephens, Milton Tiddle, Don Vaughn, Dave Whitney, Larry Williams.

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