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Annual eye exams are just as important as annual physical check-ups. At Greenwich Eye Care, we recommend our Longmont patients visit us at least every twelve months to promote good eye health all year long. Let’s learn about the benefits that an exam provides and how you can ensure your eyes remain healthy for years to come.


Become Aware of Vision Changes

Your vision changes over time, yet you might not always be aware of it. Even small changes in your vision can affect a prescription, which is why our optometrist will normally write only one for the year. By undergoing regular vision checks, you can ensure your prescription is always up to date. You can also become aware of any problems that might be affecting your vision sooner rather than later.

Check for Eye Diseases

During eye exams, our eye doctor will do more than just check your vision. We will also look for certain diseases of the eye such as cataracts, glaucoma, or macular degeneration. In particular, glaucoma can often appear without warning, and may even cause blindness if left undetected. A simple test performed in under a minute can detect glaucoma.

Identifying Other Health Issues

Your eyes are the only place in your body where your nerves and blood vessels can be viewed directly. Accordingly, it is not unusual for people to become aware of the likelihood of certain health conditions during a routine eye examination. If we notice any abnormalities, we can make you aware of them so that you can follow up with a physician right away.

Checking for Cancer

In addition to nerves and blood vessels, tumors or cancerous cells are often visible in the eyes as well. In many cases, cancerous lesions are easy to remove when they are small and are caught while the disease is still in its earliest stages.

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